YouTube 101: How to Prepare Your Channel for 2018


Video marketing will only become more important in 2018. As audiences consume more video, digital marketers are now using video content to deliver key messages effectively. You too can benefit from producing and sharing your own video content.

Before you can start sharing videos, you need to establish a YouTube channel. Customizing the channel to better suit your branding and the audience you’re targeting is one of the most important things to do in video marketing. Here are the best tips and tricks to use.

Use a Custom URL

YouTube requires you to have at least 500 subscribers before you can use a custom URL, but it is something worth pursuing to maintain a consistent online presence. After all, you can secure your business handle on YouTube by using it as a custom URL.

Instead of a long and complicated URL, you can refer to your YouTube channel as simply This means you can attract a bigger audience and share the channel with potential customers more easily. A custom URL also looks better on business cards and other marketing materials.

So, how can you reach 500 subscribers quickly? You need to utilize your existing social media prowess to get people to subscribe. It is okay to mention a certain target you want to reach – the 500-subscriber mark – and to offer giveaways and freebies for new subscribers. Once you have 500 subscribers, you can follow the guide from to change your YouTube name.

Create a Pattern

You don’t need to upload videos every day to attract a larger audience. In fact, this would be a difficult thing to do unless you have the resources to produce videos at that pace. Instead of straining your video production capability to upload daily, it is much better to create a pattern that the audience can follow.

For example, you can schedule one or two videos per week, uploaded to YouTube on certain days. Stick to this schedule so that the audience can pick up the pattern and start waiting for new videos on those days. You can also add your upload schedule to the channel cover or description for the audience to see.

Add Value and Interact

Although YouTube may seem like a one-way platform for communicating with the audience, it is still a social media platform. Engaging the viewers is just as important as uploading videos regularly. As part of your videos, ask viewers to leave comments, to like the videos, and to subscribe to your channel.

You can use the same strategies you used for attracting initial subscribers to boost user engagement. Giveaways and freebies are still very effective. Taking the time to reply to the comments will also help you build that stronger, more personal relationship with the viewers. It won’t be long before you have a lively and interactive channel.

At this point, video marketing should be easy. You can direct your energy towards producing valuable videos that the viewers love and continue to strengthen your online presence on YouTube with high user engagement.


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