7 Steps to Write Better Blog Posts in Half the Time


It’s one of your best blog posts tools to improve your online presence, so adding blog posts to your site must be at the top of your priority list. They showcase your knowledge and confirm you as a market leader. But they take hours to create, so you probably never get round to it.

If this is your reality, you’re doing it wrong. Because we want you to get one step ahead, we’ll share some secrets on how to get it right fast. Don’t be daunted by that next blog post anymore.

1. Use an Easy Formula

Which blog posts do you read often? Don’t you prefer these?

  • Lists
  • How to guides
  • Bulleted lists
  • Steps

Guess what. Your readers feel the same. Writing these can be easier and as a bonus, your readers will stay reading for longer.

These easy formulas start with intros, end with conclusions, and in between, you can add your knowledge in short—easy to digest—paragraphs.

2. Write Your First Words Last

But stop before you simply start writing. You probably waste minutes thinking what your introduction should be.

Why not try doing it last. Here’s what will change:

  • You already put your information together, so you know exactly what you need to introduce the reader to.
  • You’ll feel relieved after writing your blog. That buoyant emotion will give you the energy to create an exciting introduction.

3. Time Yourself

Here’s my secret to learning how to write faster by increasing my typing and thinking speed.

You’ll be surprised how beneficial a little pressure can be. Set a goal of finishing a number of words within 30 minutes. Now use an app on your Smartphone or go get your kitchen timer. Set the time and race yourself to reach the goal.

The adrenaline of beating the clock will help you think and react faster.

4. Can You Focus?

Where do you write your masterpieces? Perhaps you think you’re doing your best work during an ordinary day at the office or at home:

  • People entering your office
  • Phones ringing and demanding your attention
  • Traffic noise outside
  • Handling other responsibilities in between

Here’s your challenge: Can you cut off from all distractions during your creative 30 minutes?

  • Use headphones to block noise and distractions
  • Ignore people and your phone
  • Work on the blog only, scheduling other tasks for later

Fewer interruptions can help you write faster, because you’ll never lose your train of thought.

5. Trust Yourself and Just Do It

I used to waste the most time waiting for the right words to pop into my head. It took me a while to realize they only come once I start typing away. And most experts tell you the secret to writing is glue to keep you in your seat so you simply have to start writing.

Next time you hesitate, ignore the thought, and start writing. It’s then that the thoughts will evolve and you can always go back and edit out the imperfections.

And remember: You’ll never feel it’s perfect. At some stage you have to surrender and publish.

6. Learn to Research Fast

What are you writing about? If it’s not a topic you’re 100% familiar with, you want to get the facts straight, right? But I bet you’re wasting time on research if you’re not following these tips:

  • Once again, time your research so you’ll read fast and don’t get drawn into reading entire articles.
  • Find a few interesting facts and type them as your main points
  • Now you don’t have to switch back and forth between tabs on your computer, because you already have your facts
  • Build paragraphs around these facts

7. Be Observant

What makes a good blog post? It’s not only the facts. It’s also about being relevant. So what is news at the moment?

You can refer to current affairs that people want to read about. This immediately grips your audience’s attention. But it requires keeping an eye on the news—politics, entertainment, tech and sports—so you have ready to share facts in your mind.


Ready to try it one more time? It’s not a particular thing that will make you a better blogger. They all work together and soon you’ll create masterpieces fast. Even the experts use these tips. Will you follow in their footsteps?


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