Why Become a Phlebotomist?


When we think of jobs within the field of healthcare, the ones that instantly spring to mind are that of doctor and nurse. Not only are there a great many more jobs that one can try in the field of healthcare, but even the terms themselves are an oversimplification. There is a range of different jobs which might broadly be categorized as either nursing or doctor jobs, and one of these is the role of a phlebotomist.
A phlebotomist is a person responsible for collecting blood samples from patients. It is a fantastic example of how even the smallest sounding role can be of enormous importance for delivering a high standard of healthcare. Blood tests are a crucial step in diagnosing an illness where time is of the essence. Working as a phlebotomist is, therefore, a rewarding role with much to offer potential applicants. Here we take a look at some of the main advantages.

Work in a Specialized Position
A phlebotomist is a specialized role, one that requires some very specific training and skills. As a specialist field, phlebotomy is able to offer higher salaries to workers at all levels of seniority. It is also a very valuable addition to any CV and will add a considerable amount of value to the individual in question.

Phlebotomy is a skill which, while specialized, is needed at some point in just about every healthcare environment imaginable. This makes it an easily transferrable skill which can form the basis of a long career in healthcare. You can work as a phlebotomist all over the world once you have qualified.

Start Working Sooner
When compared with most healthcare fields, especially specialized fields, a phlebotomist is an unusually streamlined process. The education needed to start working in a junior capacity can take just a few months, after which you can pursue the full qualification. Training right up the highest echelons of the profession will take you a little longer. It will take a few years at least if you want to specialize in the field of phlebotomy. Check out best phlebotomy training for more information about phlebotomy training.

Make a Real Difference
Phlebotomists are essential personnel in the struggle against disease. Blood tests are the most effective method we have for diagnosing illnesses, in situations where time is of the essence, being able to run blood tests can save lives. The services of a phlebotomist are required in every conceivable hospital setting, this means that there is no shortage of work in your home country. It also means that you can travel the world and deploy your skills where they can do the most good.

Many healthcare workers find the get the urge to take their skills and work somewhere with them where they are particularly needed. Any charities or other groups who help to provide healthcare in difficult areas around the globe will need phlebotomists to assist their operations.
A career as a phlebotomist is a rewarding one that offers the potential to take up new opportunities in the future that you otherwise might have missed.


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