Tradelines: How They Can Save You Money


Tradelines are the accounts that appear on your credit report. These accounts include things like auto loans, mortgages, student loans, credit cards, and personal loans. These accounts make up your credit history and contribute to your credit score. You may be having problems with a low credit score, and you are desperately trying to improve it.

Your credit score is very significant when it comes to getting credit, so it is reasonable to want to boost your score due to the enormous impact it has on your life.

Additionally, it takes quite a long time to establish and build a good credit history or to repair a bad one. All the same, there is a smart and drastic way to build a good credit history that is not known by many: Buy someone else’s good credit history.

Using tradelines to save you money

Credit scores play a significant role when getting credit. Having a poor credit score can result in several negative things, like the following:

  • Higher interest rates
  • Higher insurance premiums
  • Loan application rejection

Repairing a bad credit history may take a longer time and may also be an arduous process involving paying debts, closing some credit card accounts, and creating a credit history. You may be wondering if there is a quicker way to sort this out, right? Well, yes, there is.

The concept of tradelines now comes into play. You can have someone with a good credit score add you to one or several of their long-standing and well-performing tradelines, mostly credit cards, and you will then enjoy the advantages of their good credit history. To be sure you get added to the best tradelines, you should work with professionals in the field, such as those from Boostcredit101.

These professionals have a sizable inventory of cardholders with whom they have entered into contracts, and who have assured the professionals that their card accounts have untainted histories and low utilization percentages, mostly less than 10%. Being added to such accounts boosts your score due to their positive payment history, without the worry of any hidden issues that may later hurt your score.

With a good credit score, thanks to the boost by these tradelines, you can save money through the following:

  • Get approval for loans, like auto loans or a mortgage, thus quickly obtaining finances for business and other needs
  • Manage to negotiate better interest rates
  • Obtain approval for rental applications, thereby decreasing the time spent looking for a rental space, especially for businesses


The process of paying for authorized user tradelines and buying credit is legal, but may be seen as dishonest in that you are presenting another person’s positive information as yours. However, your credit history does not necessarily reflect your current financial habits, as it may be lower due to past mistakes, so tradelines are important in such a situation.

Also, after boosting your score, you may still lack the finances and the responsible credit spending habits to successfully maintain these accounts. In this case, it is necessary for you to change your habits, lest you find yourself back in your prior position with bad credit.


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