Tips To Improve Your Shipping Logistics


With so much business now being conducted online, likely, the first direct, in-person interaction that your business has with a customer happens with delivery. Therefore, the quality of your shipping logistics can have a very big impact on your long-term relationships with customers. Offering reliable, high-quality delivery services helps to form the right first impression while increasing the likelihood of a first-time customer making return purchases. Building a base of loyal, returning clients is necessary for any business to succeed, so there is no reason why you should not be looking to improve your shipping logistics today.

1. Manage Your Inventory

No matter how superb your final mile delivery services might be, if you do not have your inventory well organized, you will never be able to deliver the highest quality services to customers. Having a poorly managed inventory can also be a massive waste of resources, as you are increasing the chances of stock getting lost or damaged.

You should make sure to track all of your inventory, so you are aware of where all stock is from when it first arrives at your facility to the moment it reaches the customer. Again, you can use inventory management software to make this process easier and remove the chance of human errors and miscounting.

2. Be Prepared For The Unexpected

Any e-commerce business owner will tell you that it is not always possible to predict the levels of sales that you experience. Of course, you will likely experience the typical high and low seasons, but you will also probably have unexpected rushes in sales. When this occurs, it is important that you are prepared.

There are plenty of websites that you can utilize to find drivers when you are experiencing an unexpected rise in sales. Delivery board sites are dedicated to delivery driver jobs, which helps a driver find a very fulfilling job, and companies find the right solution for their needs. Having access to a resource like this means you can respond quickly to a rise in demand, so you are always able to offer the highest quality delivery solutions.

3. Respond To Feedback

When you are looking to improve the quality of your shipping logistics, you must look externally to ensure you are meeting current consumer demands and internally. When it comes to improving any business operation, consulting customer feedback is critical. Consulting up to date customer feedback provides you with relevant incites that can be invaluable.

If you do not already have a system to solicit customer feedback, you should implement one now. One of the best ways to ask for customer feedback is to follow up with an email after receiving their order. It is best to wait a few days, so you can be sure the customer has had time to open and experience the order. Then you can send a personalized email asking a few questions about what they thought about the product and the ordering and delivery experience.


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