The Best Long-Term Commercial Security Systems


Security has always been important to businesses, but the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the focus on keeping business premises safe and secure – specifically during periods of extended absence.

There are lots of short-term solutions for businesses that are cost effective and somewhat useful, but with the prospect of countries shutting down at a moment’s notice should infection rates increase, there’s a greater need for effective, long-term security that works not just during a pandemic, but in normal life, too.

Good security can be the difference between your business and the people within it staying safe and secure, or your premises becoming a target for theft, vandalism and other anti-social behavior. The bottom line is, your commercial property needs a security system that works not just when your employees are present, but during extended periods of absence as well.

With countless options on the market, you’re almost spoilt for choice when it coms to picking out a new security system. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve sifted through the countless solutions and provided information on the best commercial security you should consider buying that will last you long-term – pandemic or not.

Manned Security

Depending on the size of your commercial property, hiring a mobile patrol company could prove to be a very effective security solution. Mobile patrols involve having a security person roaming your property out of hours. Ideally, two personnel would be hired to cover all bases, but it depends on how big your commercial space is. This is a particularly good option for businesses who operate in an area where crime rates are high. The idea behind manned security is that the active presence of a person will deter criminals.

Manned security guards are typically professionally trained and equipped to deal with alarm responses, making them arguably the best defense against criminal activity. Security companies can be expensive, so it might be worth looking into hiring your own trained security guards rather than going through an agency.

Flood Lights

Manned security is effective, but it’s expensive and a lot of smaller, independent businesses won’t be able to afford it – especially not long term. In this instance, there are other ways to protect your business, including by buying a flood light system.

A standard LED floodlight is a great option for your home, but a commercial property needs something more durable and reliable. The problem with standard LED floodlights is that they are typically very sensitive, and this can lead to higher running costs where there needn’t be. Instead, in terms of commercial LED floodlights, look for a PIR option.

What makes a PIR floodlight different to a standard LED floodlight is that they motion sensitive but won’t be triggered by things like wind or moving trees. This makes them a great option for businesses in industrial areas where there’s likely a lining of trees or foliage around the perimeter.


Every business should have security cameras – even if you already have manned security. Video footage is valuable in not only allowing you keep an eye on blind spots within your premises, but in the event of a crime happening, you’ll have video footage to assist the police. There are lots of different camera options to choose from, but for businesses, we’d suggest a multi-camera system with HD cameras and night vision. It’s one thing having a camera, but it’s important you’re able to identify more than a pixelated blur. It’s also important that your cameras can work together to provide footage of your entire property. Added extras include motion sensors, heat detectors and spotlights, all of which are useful to commercial properties.


Ideally, your business property would use a combination of all three of the options listed above, but you might not require use of all of them depending on your location. At the very least, invest in good lighting, an alarm system and a multiple security cameras. These will keep your property safe both when you’re operating from it and when it’s left empty for long periods of time.


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