5 Clear Signs it’s Time to Find Another Job


It’s a known fact that 71% of workers are unhappy with their job, and most of these workers are likely already looking to jump ship. In a study, the two main reasons for worker unhappiness are: not getting paid what they’re worth, and not being given the sort of professional recognition they deserve.

These are valid reasons, but note that these are only two of the reasons that could make you leave your job and find a better one. So if you’re feeling unhappy with your job and it’s not about the salary or recognition, a certified executive coach says it could be one or a combination of these causes.

1. You Don’t Get Feedback

Good managers update you with your performance and give you a pat on the back when it’s called for. The best managers are concerned with your career growth and will periodically give you advice or guidance. If you aren’t getting any guidance, valuable advice or feedback, that makes it difficult to know whether you’re progressing and what it takes to grow in the company.                                     

2. You Aren’t Learning or Growing

Another sign it would be best for you to polish up your resume and leave is if there’s nothing new to learn, and the job doesn’t present itself as a worthwhile challenge. A job doesn’t have to be constantly tough or challenging that it stresses you out, although it should challenge you on a certain level. When you feel you can do the job with your eyes closed, maybe it’s time to move.

In the case of learning, it’s a shared effort—you should take the initiative to take on other projects and ask for courses or opportunities to attend relevant seminars. But if the company doesn’t offer any of these, it means they’re not interested in your career growth.

3. You Bring Work Home


This isn’t necessarily about taking work to do when you get home, but bringing work worries home with you. Are you still thinking about what your supervisor says about you as you’re having dinner? Are you kept up at night with nagging work-related questions? These are signs that your work environment is overly stressful. The worst part of this is if it causes you constant stress or worries that you start taking it out on family members, wrecking your home life. When this happens, you know it’s time to pass out resumes to headhunters.

4. Your Co-Workers are Toxic

Colleagues or supervisors who mistreat, gossip about, or berate you or others can be terrible to bear or witness. While these can be out of your control, you can do what you can to manage conflict in the workplace. If that doesn’t work, ask to get yourself transferred to another team or department where you won’t have to deal with toxic co-workers. But if the people are toxic no matter where you work within the company, leave.

5. You’re Getting Sick

Long hours working with toxic colleagues, an unsupportive work culture, no clear direction, no training, and other negative factors that badger you constantly can literally be sickening.

Studies have proven that work stress can make you seriously ill, as it makes your body release chemicals and hormones that speed up your heart rate, elevate blood pressure levels and suppress your immune system. Get stressed by work often enough and you could have a stroke or heart attack. If the stress you get at work is intense and happens often enough to cause you serious illness, you’re better off leaving and taking some break.

Should you ever feel unhappy at work, don’t decide to leave immediately. Start by listing the reasons for your misery, and think about possible solutions.  Bring up the issue with your supervisor if you can, or with someone in the HR Department.

If you’ve been working for some time, you should be aware that no job is perfect. Only after you’ve exhausted options and tried all possible solutions is when you should think about finding a new job or going on a new career path. Even if you leave this job, remember you will always have options. Try to see the positives from your negative experience, like the lessons you’ve learned. With this experience, who knows, you can start a business, find a new job or even train to become a certified executive coach!


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