Planning After a Huge Event: 3 Things You Must Do


Planning an event, especially a huge one, is not a joke. There are many things you have to think about, which is why most individuals and companies hire a third-party company to handle all of the planning and marketing of the event.

However, most planners just take care of the planning before and during the event. What happens after is usually not any of their concern anymore, unless you ask them to take care of it specifically.

Today, we will discuss the things that you must do after the event to make sure that your event production planning in Utah will be a huge success.

Create a Community

After every event, most companies get back to their everyday routine and just forget all about what happened. However, a smart marketing team would know that it would be wise to milk every single thing from the event to make sure that people would still be talking about it afterwards.

You can invite your attendees to join certain forums and communities on social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even LinkedIn. Keep them engaged and updated by talking to them about the event, what they have learned, and what they are expecting for the next events to come!

Put Up Those Videos

Those videos you made for the event should not go to waste. Create groups and pages that you can invite people to like and fill it with videos from the event. You can also hold live streams so you can interact with your audience every once in a while.

If you have an audience that is interested with attending the event but cannot be there personally, then you can host a gated event or a Facebook live for them to watch the event without actually being there. Make great use of technology!

Hold a Couple of Interviews and Surveys

A great way to know if you and your team have done a good job at an event is by making people take surveys and ask them how they feel about the event — before and during. This way, you can get inspiration and feedback for your next event, which is important since you would want to target these people because they are your company and business’ most prized possessions.

You can also conduct interviews after the event. Ask your key stakeholders and see if they are satisfied with how the event turned out. Ask them in person rather than having them fill out papers, as talking to them in person will give you an idea of how they really feel and what they really think.


You have spent so much time and money for the event you hosted, which is why it is just right to milk every single thing out of it. Remember that the event does not have to end right after the presentations and speeches are done — you can even extend it to a whole year if you have the right plans and resources!


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