5 Museums Art Lovers Must Visit


The world is full of amazing art that can take your breath away. Many of these stunning creations are preserved forever in some of the world’s greatest museums. People can have a look whenever they like.

However, there are certain museums that stand out from the pack and are a must-see for art lovers out there. Places that you just can’t pass by. They give you the chance to get away from everything and have a look at some of the greatest pieces and awe-inspiring collections.

So, here are 5 great museums around the world that every art lover will treasure.


Museums of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York


The stunning museum in New York houses some of the most influential modern art collections. Whether it is Van Gogh you are looking for or Cézanne, the museum houses some iconic art pieces of big names.

Relish your desire for perfection with the breathtaking art of Pollock, Picasso, and Matisse. Or enjoy the performance art as well as the stunning architecture. The museum also houses an incredible collection of 22,000 films and has a number of screening and retrospectives. It certainly is an art lover’s dreamland.


Musée du Louvre in Paris


If you are one to get lost in a labyrinth of ancient art this is the perfect place to go. The Musee du Louvre is a royal palace, filled with collections of ancient art, classical sculptures, and Mesopotamian antiquities. There are also parts of an incredible medieval castle hidden somewhere in the basement.

You can get to experience the bewitching allure of medieval artefact, romantic paintings, and galleries of Italian paintings that echo with historic charisma.

You can easily get lost in this huge palace, so it is wise to break the exploration into pieces. Explore the huge place step by step and you may be surprised by the immense amount of astounding history it holds.


MACBA in Barcelona


MACBA is short for Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona and is the home of the best work by Spanish and Catalan artists that have existed for the past 60 years. The amazing white monolith building which houses the museum is a great work of architecture itself.

The museum is certainly worth the visit – you can view some contemporary exhibitions and some inspiring pieces from a range of artists. If you go to Barcelona, pay this beautiful museum a visit to enchant your soul with some incredible masterpieces from Spanish heritage.


La Specola in Florence


Ok, this one is not an art museum, but it’s a museum any art lover will get ecstatic about. Even if you are not much into the concept, the elaborate display of zoological and botanical specimens at this museum is worth the visit. It houses an old-fashioned collection of items including an ancient Hippo which was originally a gift for the Grand Duke Petro Leopoldo.

This is just the start. Wait until you feast your eyes on the incredibly realistic wax figures with incredible detail that will leave you questioning their reality. The museum also has a vivid throwback to the past where it shows plague victims in gruesomely detailed wax figures.

This is certainly one museum you have to experience.


Benaki Museum in Athens


The Greeks have a rich history and this museum takes an elaborate insight into it. With beautiful trinkets, stunning ceramics, mesmerising paintings, and inspiring costumes and furniture, the museum is fully stocked with Greek antiques.

Lay your eyes on the Thessaly Treasure which is a hoard of gold jewelry dated as far back as the second century or look at some of the first few paintings of el Greco. The Benaki Museum is an art lover’s fantasy!


These are some of the most captivating museums that are worth a visit – or ten. Some focus on an elaborate display of historic paintings whereas others house incredibly life like wax figures!

There is something unique about all of them. It is best if you pay them a visit yourself to find out more…


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