Market Your Company Every Day with These Tactics


Most small or even medium companies cannot afford to pay for advertising every single day of the year, although they would benefit from it. Therefore, they need to think about other marketing tactics they can use.

Paying for advertising either in print format or online can be expensive, and that cost can lead to very little return.

Thankfully, there are ways to create branding and promotional material that you can use all year around that won’t keep costing you. These methods are either free, or one-time costs that can help you get your name out there:

1. Social Media Marketing 

To be truly successful with social media marketing, you need to be social. Don’t try to aim for the numbers game, because in the end, it doesn’t mean anything.

Instead, try to build up real relationships with real people. Collaborate with influencers to help get your name out there, and build your community from the ground up.

The more manual your work, the more genuine you will be and as a result, the more genuine your audience will be. Having a few hundred real customers is better than a few thousand fake likes or followers that you have paid for.

2. Market Your Image 

When you are dealing with clients, you don’t just have to sell them your product or service, you need to sell yourself. This means dressing the part, it means being pleasing to look at with good hygiene, and it means driving the right car.

Thankfully, you don’t have to shell out tens of thousands in money you don’t have. Instead, you can buy used cars for sale. Used does not mean old. It also doesn’t mean run down.

Instead, it means saving on last year’s model. It means having a great, beautiful car for less and improving your image.

3. Wrap Your Vehicles 

If you have a company vehicle, pay for it to be wrapped in your own branding. That way, whenever you or your employees drive through town, people will see you, and your name.

This is an easy way to pay once for continual advertising. This is particularly important if you predominantly work in the same town or neighbourhood.

Simply seeing your car and your name over and over again will reinforce who you are and make it more likely that you will get new local clients.

4. Provide Great Customer Service 

The single best marketing tactic is word-of-mouth advertising. That’s why you need to ensure you provide the best customer service.

Having a happy customer recommend your company to a friend is better than any marketing campaign. People will only use your products or your services if they trust you. And what better way to gain this trust from a recommendation?

These marketing options won’t cost you per click. Whatever costs they have are upfront costs that will last throughout the years, because they rely on projecting the right image, building real connections, and by using your own products to market your brand.

Try out and find out what works for you, because every company is different.

Focus on your strengths and your customers, and you’ll be one step closer to the success you’ve always dreamed of.


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