How to Use the Internet to Find a New Job


Often, the most difficult part of finding a job by internet is knowing where to look. Even when you have a degree or years of experience in the field, it can be frustrating finding an employer with positions available. Actually, you can be thankful that you live in the 21st century because you now have the world at your disposal, the World Wide Web, that is. But how do you go about using the Internet to find a job? Here are a few tips, which should make job hunting a bit easier.

Get an Accurate Job Description First
Perhaps the first thing you should do is get an accurate job description. You know what you have been trained to do and no one knows better than you what your particular skill set is. While you might be qualified, certified even, within a specific career, what each company needs may not be what you really want to do. Define what you are looking for before going any further. If you need assistance, check out sites like that give well-defined descriptions of what you might want to include in your key search terms when seeking employment. For example, if you want to work as a materials handler, that site can give you a very good idea what key terms you should search for when seeking a job. Remember, you aren’t only looking for the job classification; you are also looking for the duties you excel in when searching key terms!

Write a Resumé with Online Tools
You can easily write a resumé with online tools. Many sites, including the one mentioned above, have resources and templates which allow you to quickly put together a professional-looking resumé simply by filling in fields created for you. However, when it comes to a cover letter, you should always craft unique letters for every company you are applying to. The basic information can remain the same, but the introduction needs to be personalized. Why are you applying to that company and what do you have to offer that is of interest to them? Always put something relevant to that company in your cover letter to show them you have done the research, know something about the company, and why you believe you would be an asset to them.

Keep an Accurate Log of Companies You’ve Applied To
Sometimes HR departments are overwhelmed with responsibilities and there have been times when applications simply got lost in the shuffle. Bear in mind that most HR teams are responsible for so much more than taking applications. They train, deal with payroll, work with team development and various administrative duties, which keep them busy; busier than you can imagine. The reason for keeping an accurate log is so that you can follow up in the future, whether you get a response or not. You can always submit a brief email to the HR department expressing your interest in hearing from them and once again thanking them for taking the time to review your application and resumé.

Most companies use the Internet when recruiting, so this is going to be your most convenient way of finding employers with openings that match your criteria. Keep searching because eventually, the right job will come along. Take those key terms in your job description you’ve developed to search with. The economy has rebounded and employers are hiring once again. That job is out there. Now, go find it!


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