How to Organize a Great Networking Event


Networking is important for those who are looking to boost their career prospects and learn more about the industry they work in. It is an excellent opportunity to make those important connections and learn of new opportunities that could be perfect for you. Hosting a networking event can also be beneficial to an individual or company who wants to promote brand awareness and seek out new talent to work with. If you think hosting a networking event would be beneficial to your business, here is a quick guide to help you organize it.

Choosing a Venue

When it comes to selecting a venue to host your networking event, you need to keep in mind how easy it will be for attendees to get there. A central venue in your town or city would be ideal, and one that is close to public transport links for those who don’t drive. You should also consider whether or not you can hire a private space in the venue, for example, a function room at a local bar, as this will make your event feel more professional. If you are working with a tighter budget, you can always host the event at your offices and book a conference room or host it in the lobby of your office building if that is appropriate space.


If you’re networking event takes place in the morning or early afternoon, then serving a selection of teas, coffee, and cakes would work wonderfully as refreshments for attendees. Some savory treats would also work nicely, such as finger sandwiches or mini pies, tarts, etc. Just make sure that you have something to serve those who are vegetarian or vegan and that all ingredients are listed to inform those with allergies. Gluten-free and other allergy-friendly foods should also be offered. For networking events that are taking place after office hours or later in the evening, offering your guests a glass of wine or beer when they arrive would be a nice touch. While you don’t want people to get too tipsy, a glass or two can help people to relax, as networking can be a bit intimidating for some. If you are hosting your event in your workspace, you can hire a licensed bartender at Event Bartenders.

Ice Breakers

As mentioned above, networking can be a little overwhelming for some people, particularly if it is their first time attending this kind of event. Ice breakers can help people to feel more confident in engaging in conversation or approaching other attendees as this can introduce everyone to the group. You could even arrange for some team activities like a quiz or problem-solving challenge where prizes are available to help people connect and feel comfortable.

Advertising Your Event

You have the option to make your event invitation only if you want it to feel more exclusive, but you could be missing out on meeting and helping a lot of talented professionals if you do this. While you might have limited spaces due to venue restrictions, etc., advertise your event on employee bulletins in your place of work via social media, business blogs, and set up an event page on a website where interested parties can book their place.

Networking is key to helping both businesses and individuals find great professional opportunities, and hosting a networking event can be perfect for boosting brand awareness and discovering new talent. Use this simple guide to help you host a great networking event that people will love.


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