How to Exercise Your Rights Fully


As well as the overarching human rights agreed upon by the global institution that is the UN, we also possess more regionally or nationally specific rights. These rights are less about the basics and more about our right to exist in a fair and just system of commerce, business, and law – a system that’s equal to all. In order to really exercise your rights, though, you need to know about them, how to reference them, and how to leverage your rights to your advantage. In this article, you’ll find out how that can be done.


As a consumer, you’re protected by a huge swathe of rights that determine what you’re allowed to be sold, and what conditions need to be met in order for the trader to justify the price they’re requiring of you. In simple terms, you have a right not to be ripped off, and a right to be sold a product that’s safety-tested. You also have a right, therefore, to sue if you are not afforded your consumer rights. A classic example often exercised is the delayed flight: you have a right as a consumer to demand compensation from the airline after lengthy delays.

Legal Disputes

When in a legal dispute, you’ll quickly find that your life becomes consumed by the lawsuit that you’re involved in. This is an institutional failure on the part of the judicial service: it benefits the larger companies or institutions that you’re legally challenging. In order to balance the books lightly to keep you in the fight for your right, you’ll want to look into Lawsuit Loans. These will keep you afloat until you win the case – and are reimbursed for your troubles – and will keep the case from becoming too large a stress on you and your family.

Citizen’s Rights

As we’re frequently alerted to in cases of police violence and the violation of citizens’ rights around the world, there is a line at which the state are not allowed to cross into our affairs. For instance, our we have a right to our privacy, and a right to silence under interrogation. These rights are often infringed, and it is in part a citizen’s responsibility to maintain and understand their own rights, calling out police officers or other state actors who assume the power to contravene our sovereign rights in our own countries.


A new and emerging field of our rights is in the digital realm, where in recent years concerns over the consumption, surveillance or harvesting or our personal data has made headlines. In response to this, regulations and legislation are determining what is and what is not acceptable in the digital realm. This is a fast-developing area of a digital citizen’s rights, and to truly stay on top of your rights it is best to follow organizations involved in setting these rights. Data is considered a new form of power and currency, so be sure to keep yours secure and safe – as is your right.

As a citizen, you have a responsibility to exercise your rights and to protect the rights of others. This article should help point you towards behaviors that do so.


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