Essential Qualities for a Healthcare Administrator


The business side of healthcare administrator works as it does for any other type of business because healthcare is a business like any other. The big difference is that no other business is responsible for people’s health, wellness, and life. Therefore, healthcare needs leaders with the right skills to ensure healthcare not only keeps running but it keeps doing its primary job of saving people’s lives.  In this regard, health care administrators must have and demonstrate certain skills and qualities.

Stellar Communication Skills

Hospital administrators must be able to communicate effectively with their subordinates and patients. To communicate effectively, they must be discreet, empathetic, understanding, and most of all, know when to listen. They must also be diplomatic in the way they handle issues and conflicts.

Besides talking to those they work, with they must also be able to communicate with stakeholders and other third parties effectively.

Organizational Skills

Healthcare administrators are responsible for organizing everything in the facilities they are responsible for. Because of this, they should be organized enough to handle tasks such as creating organized work schedules, overseeing the institution, planning for the future, and maintaining patient records.

Leadership and Management Skills

Healthcare administrators should be able to build rapport and trust with subordinates and be able to motivate them to provide the best care they can. They should also be able to inspire and empower their employees while creating a team environment where everyone is working towards the same goals, and for the good of that particular healthcare institution.

Ideally, if you have a degree in Healthcare Administration from institutions such as New England College, which you can visit at, you should already have these leadership and management skills. If not, you can take online courses that will teach you these skills. This is also a great option for those who do not have a degree in Healthcare Administration.

Personal Responsibility

Healthcare administrators are responsible for their employees as well as for their patients. Because of this, they should have high integrity and the ability to take personal responsibility when something is not going right. If they have these qualities, they will be better placed to demand personal responsibility, ethical behavior, and integrity from their colleagues, subordinates, and third parties who work with their healthcare facility. 

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

Healthcare administrators solve all kinds of problems all day long. They have to deal with a lot of problems, including keeping their facilities compliant with the necessary laws and dealing with issues among their subordinates. They must also come up with solutions that help keep their facilities running despite staff shortages, low employee morale, and staffing problems.

Analytical Skills

A healthcare administrator must also find ways to improve the efficiency of their facility. This means they have to be able to think about the whole system, analyze it, and find ways to improve it.

Healthcare administrators are responsible for a lot of things, which is why it is so important they have the right skills. Although many of the skills and qualities required for a healthcare administrator to be successful are inborn, some of them can be learned. 


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