Essential Digital Hacks For Success In 2018


2018 is all about visualisation and alternative ways to engage with your online audience.

The ways in which consumers consume and interact with news and content is changing, and so the plan that you put in place needs to reflect this.

From video content to experimenting with influencers or even out sourcing, check out these essential digital hacks for success in 2018.

Let’s get visual

Video will continue to be an essential part of how we interact with media online.

So if you aren’t already waking up to the power of video content, then you could risk getting left behind in the dark ages. From cute animals, to commercials and even TedTalks, video is changing the way that we share and comment on content.

Not to mention, key social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are starting to change how video is used on their platforms – thanks to new live broadcasting options.

So if you hadn’t previously considered video as an alternative digital hack, then make sure you set aside some budget and factor this in.


Influencers, or brand ambassadors, are shaping the way that larger firms and corporations raise awareness about their products and services.

In the case of influencers, these could be employees that you support in their production of digital content for use on both internal and external channels. You must enable them to tell the digital world about some of the exciting events that await you this 2018.

A brand ambassador is slightly different. These are individuals who live, eat and sleep your brand – in particular, consumers who share photos and posts featuring your products on social media, in both paid and unpaid content creation.

These two outlets are worth exploring, as they take the effort out of your content planning. All you will need to establish is how frequently the posts need to be created.

However, you will need to make sure that your influencers are rewarded, be it with merchandising or incentives such as tickets from

It’s essential that your influencers remain on side and feel appreciated if you want to be successful.

Try out ‘smart content’

Smart content is content that is designed with your customers in mind. This is an effective tool if you currently feel that you have alienated potential leads.

The idea behind smart content is simple too, just make sure that you develop all content while keeping your customers at the forefront of any business decision.

* * *

In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s essential that you explore current digital trends if you want to remain ahead in your market.

From video content to using a team of brand ambassadors and checking how your content is positioned, these small hacks will make sure that 2018 is a successful year for you and your firm.


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