Email Marketing Tactics You Can Implement Today


Email marketing is the oldest trick in the internet marketing book. It has been around for a few years now – dating back to when internet marketing was all about hard-selling and reaching a massive audience – and it is still an instrument that marketers rely on.

Its proven effectiveness is one of the many reasons why email marketing is very popular among businesses.

Today, however, it is not enough to run just any email marketing campaign. In order to be effective, you need to know how to play to the strengths of email marketing. The tactics we are about to discuss in this article will help you get started with doing just that right away.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Similar to many things in marketing, you can’t expect great results without great input. There is only so much the internet marketing tools available to you can do to produce results. For the email marketing campaign to work effectively, you need great input too.

Fortunately, the available tools allow you to fine-tune almost every part of the email marketing experience. You now have resources to help you find new subscribers and email addresses to reach out to them. You can even rely on tools such as to reach a specific audience like B2B customers.

The campaigns are customisable too. You are no longer limited by email addresses. You can, for instance, fine-tune the content of your email marketing based on the recipients’ purchase history.

Content Customisation

You can’t expect the same content to work for everyone. In fact, you shouldn’t, especially with so many options available to you today. There is no need to develop a strategy that will work with the majority of your target audience. You can now fine-tune every detail of the campaign to suit different audience groups.

Content selection can be done automatically based on several metrics. For instance, users in one part of the country can receive different offers from the rest of the audience. Metrics such as purchase history, interests, and even search queries can now be used for better targeting.


Email marketing is an interesting marketing method to attract new clients not only because of its known effectiveness but also because of its flexibility. Today, you can integrate email marketing with other parts of your internet marketing campaign.

Online stores generally use email marketing for remarketing or retargeting purposes. It is easy to detect dropped carts and use the information to send tailored offers that attract potential customers more effectively.

It is also easy to understand the way users interact with different parts of the e-commerce site and present them with better offers. A user that spends time browsing through the photography section of your site may not be interested in fashion offers; it is more effective to present them with deals on the latest lenses or memory cards.

The tactics we covered in this article are all easy to implement, but they are effective and will produce great results when implemented correctly. Start integrating them with your existing email marketing campaigns and see the impact right away.


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