How You Can Build Up Customer Trust on Your Website


Nowadays, before we make customer trust a purchase or choose a company’s service, the majority of us head online. Whether we complete the transaction on an eCommerce website or we use the internet to research a company before we commit, the internet is essential in our decision-making process. But how can a company show prospective customers that they are a trustworthy brand and encourage them to place their business with them? Your website is your first (and sometimes last) opportunity to introduce your company, and it’s often there that consumers will visit before they make their final choice. Here are four of the most effective ways to build a relationship of customer trust with visitors to your website. 

1. Tell your story

The internet has revolutionized the way customers interact and purchase from brands, but it can sometimes be an impersonal way to experience a company’s service. They don’t meet a smiling salesperson or have the chance to make a personal connection, so why not use your website to tell the human story behind the business? Make your website as easy to use as possible, with simple and friendly language, and include an ‘About Us’ or ‘Our Story’ page where you can tell the story behind the brand. When and where did the idea come from? What are you hoping to achieve? By giving customers the opportunity to get to know you, they are likely to feel more comfortable buying from you.

2. Introduce your team 

To deepen the customer’s understanding of your business, you might also want to introduce them to the key members of the team via a ‘Meet the Team’ page. Depending on the size of your company you may want to limit this to the owners, directors, or managers, but smaller companies may want to include the whole team. Use photographs of the team (looking friendly!) and possibly a bit of background information about their role in the company (i.e. how they are involved in delivering a great service for customers). Some companies might also want to include some personal details like hobbies and interests, as we like to buy from humans and not faceless corporations. 

3. Display your reviews & credentials

It’s often very effective to include a customer reviews feature on your website that displays positive reviews from verified customers. This might include a star rating and a few keywords which sum up their experience. Genuine positive reviews from previous customers will tell potential customers what they can expect from your service. We tend to have more customer trust in what a customer says than what the brand says about itself. 

However, remember that even negative reviews should have a place on your website as it can appear suspicious if a brand receives thousands of 5-star reviews. The odd negative review with a professional response and your attempts to solve the problem will show that you’re a transparent and honest company.

Your website is also your platform for showing your professional expertise, experience, and any relevant qualifications and insurances. For example, a tree services company should ensure that their tree trimming insurance is featured prominently so that customers are reassured that they are using a professional service with the necessary protections.

4. Integrate social media into the website

If you have a social media profile on Twitter or Instagram which you update regularly, consider integrating it into your website with a live feed. Your social media should be where you show your brand’s personality and that you’re a busy business that is connected to the world around them. It will also give you the opportunity to respond to queries or negativity which is posted on social media about your company, so you can show website visitors that you are quick to respond to and help your customers. 

In addition to clear contact information, an online chat feature can also give customers another way to contact you should they have a question or problem. Online live chat features show that customers can get in touch quickly if they need help without having to wait for email responses or navigate through call centers.


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