4 Tools to Boost Productivity in the Workplace


High levels of productivity in the workplace are a result of careful planning and a commitment to business success. Implementing strategies to boost productivity will ensure that you get the highest return on your investment by allowing you to increase sales and maximize earning potential. Fortunately, there is an excellent variety of innovative business technology that has been designed to increase efficiency within organizations. Here are four of the most effective tools to boost productivity in the workplace: 

1. Business analytic software 

Analytics technology has evolved significantly over the years and modern businesses have access to a wealth of data that can improve processes and enhance productivity. The field of analytics is constantly evolving and has quickly become one of the most powerful productivity tools available to modern businesses. According to Aston Online, “business analytics can be used to minimize waste and increase operational efficiencies, which in turn leads to growth in profits.” 

Here are some of the key ways that analytic software can benefit businesses:

  • Customer experience analytics – Can be used to gain insight into your customers and learn what they expect from your business. This allows companies to devise more effective strategies to connect with their customers and improve their level of service. 
  • Financial analytics – Provides businesses with a complete overview of their financial situation including expenses, cash flow, and profit margins. This data can also be used to create financial reports and reliable financial forecasts. 
  • HR analytics – Can be used to make smarter decisions when it comes to hiring and retaining employees. The information gained through HR analysis can also be used to create a more positive working environment which in turn, will boost productivity employee engagement and productivity in the workplace. 

2. Employee engagement surveys 

Employee engagement surveys allow businesses to gain their employees’ perspective on how the company is functioning and what improvements should be made. Surveys can also give employers valuable insight into workplace morale and help them measure employee engagement levels. 

Research shows that there is a strong link between employee engagement and customer satisfaction. Happy employees will be far more motivated and enthusiastic about their work. They are much more likely to go the extra mile to resolve customer complaints or assist clients with queries. For that reason, employers should acknowledge the wellbeing of their staff and focus on building a positive working environment. Experts at n2growth.com advise that “engaged employees are essential for building a high-performance team within a business.” The data gained through surveys can be used to identify ways to boost productivity employee engagement and satisfaction in the workplace. 

3. Communication platforms 

Miscommunication can harm productivity and lead to wasted time and resources. Businesses should, therefore, make communication a top priority and identify ways to strengthen communication practices in the workplace. There is a wide variety of tools and software that can improve internal communications and allow you to connect with your team more effectively. This includes collaboration apps like Hub, digital workspaces such as Google Drive, and online videoconferencing technology such as Skype and GoToMeeting. 

Using online communication technology can also be an effective way to save time and improve business efficiency levels by reducing the need for physical meetings. A recent study found that using social technologies to conduct online meetings can increase productivity levels by up to 25%. Overall, implementing strategies to improve internal communication should boost employee engagement, increase productivity levels, and help you build stronger teams. 

4. Scheduling and calendar apps

A digital calendar will help you become more organized and productive with your time. It will also ensure that you don’t forget to complete key tasks that are essential to business growth. although, having too many time management tools can become counterproductive as you may end up spending a lot of your time entering and editing information across various management platforms. 

Calendar is an innovative app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics technology to learn your schedule and automatically update your calendar online. This all-in-one time management tool has the ability to automatically organize and update events such as work meetings and conferences on your calendar. It also syncs across various business devices, thus saving you time and allowing you to focus on key business tasks. 


Boosting productivity levels in your business is a reliable way to increase profits and boost your revenue potential. Modern companies have access to a wealth of innovative technology designed to improve efficiency and elevate business processes. Make sure you remain up to date with business technology advancements and take advantage of any tools that could boost productivity levels in your business. 


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