Attracting the Best Candidates to Your Job Vacancies


As you grow your business, there will come a time when you need to employ the best candidates extra staff. Whatever their role will be, it’s vital that you attract the best qualified and most suitable people to apply for the vacancies. Staff make an enormous contribution to the success of your business, and having the right personnel can make a significant impact on your growth, reputation, and profitability. In light of this, it makes sense to approach recruitment in a considered and well thought out manner to ensure new recruits can fulfill their potential and bring maximum benefit to your business.

Who do you want?
First decide exactly what the job will entail, what you need the job-holder to do, and what experience and qualifications you are looking for. If you don’t already have job and person specifications for the role, draw them up and make sure you are clear on what the requirements are for applicants. You can make the job whatever you require, it doesn’t have to fit in with a standard job description; but it must be clear and precise about every aspect of what will be expected of someone. You should also detail any opportunities for training, further education, qualifications and career progression for the hired best candidates.

Sell Yourself
No matter the size of the job market, you need to make your business sound attractive for the right kind of people. Be sure to detail any employee perks and benefits and give applicants an idea of the kind of environment in which they would be working. If you run a design business, point best candidates to examples of projects you have completed so they can get a feel for the kind of work you do. If you want someone to pick oranges, describe the beautiful setting of the orange groves and the pleasure of working outside in the sunshine. Use job search engines like that tell jobseekers what your company is about and what it’s like to work for you.

Where do you advertise?
This will be directed to some extent by the nature of the vacancy. If you are looking for someone to make local deliveries, your best bet is to advertise in local publications, on community websites and on local job boards. On the other hand, if you need a Java programmer, post your vacancy in industry journals and with specialist agencies to reach the best candidates. Make sure your ad reflects the style and status of the business. If you run a marketing company, your ad needs to be well-designed, eye-catching and meticulously crafted to demonstrate your expertise in the subject. Best candidates will not be attracted to ads that are poorly written or lack information, so take time to create a great ad that will make a positive impression on the right people.

Recruitment is a fundamental process in business growth and expansion, and you need to make every effort to sell your company to the best candidates that are most likely to contribute to that growth. Let your passion for what you do shine through, and get the brightest and the best queuing up to work for you.


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