9 Artists + 2 Art Museums You Must Follow On Instagram


Today, most artists use Instagram to showcase their work. Both up-and-coming names and well-established visual artists.

So, we decided to pick the best ones for you. Among these, there should be plenty of inspiration and thought-provoking input to satisfy your needs. And we also ended up including a couple of art museums.


Jose Parla

Jose Parla is known for his iconic street art, graffiti and eclectic blend of colours. He has swept away the contemporary art scene with his powerful visual style, and an Instagram account that gives us a lot more than a glimpse of his artsy lifestyle.

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Melodie Perrault

This Montreal-based artist is a true trailblazer who is delighting us with her feminist art and seductive sketches of the utmost devilish nature.

Her sultry nudes, adorable portraits of her dogs, and the artsy depictions of classy ladies smoking weed are just what you need to break away from boredom on a monotonous day at work.

She often collaborates with other influential artists, including the amazing Porous Walker.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence

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Ryan McGinness

Ryan McGinness’ profile welcomes you with the tagline: “Welcome to the New Now Post-Art Art”. And an eclectic mix of artistic pieces soon surprises you with their lack of predictability.

His posts used to be strangely dark and yet motivational, using a technique of forming typographical phrases in black circles on clean white backgrounds. But recently his work has evolved into more colourful abstract pieces.

#painting #detail #ryanmcginness

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Toyin Odutola

If you are keen on following artistic profiles that are dripping with traditional values, the beauty of indigenous cultures and history of lands far away, Toyin Odutola offers you an insight into the ways of her native Nigeria.

She portrays her traditions, cultures and beauty with such poignancy and beauty that one cannot help but be captivated. On Instagram, you follow not just her own work, but also countless other immersive images that inspire her art.

Works by #KudzanaiVioletHwami (@mwana.wevhu) ??????✊? #Research

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Bodil Jane

Amsterdam-based illustrator Bodil Jane creates quirky, sassy accessories, ranging from tote bags to graphic tees, laptop cases and lots more. Her signature artwork depicts vibrantly styled people and colourful plants.

Bodil Jane’s print-outs are extremely high-in-demand, and they sell out at the speed of lightning. So if you want to grab a product before it’s gone for good, following her on Instagram profile is a great idea.


Frank Kozik

Frank Kozik’s work is interesting and hilarious. He works with everything and anything. Be it cars, bikes, toys, prints or even a jellyfish.

You will most likely enjoy his intriguing ways, strange endeavours plus his photos of cars and motorcycles.

At the tailor's #bourgeoisepig

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The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Now on to the the first of two museums on the list. It’s not quite right to include them here, but we couldn’t help ourselves since they are both must-follows and big sources of inspiration.

MoMA has a plethora of art pieces, both vintage and modern. Ranging from the incredible Picasso to Andy Warhol and Yoko One. And the best thing about it? They share it all (and much, much more) on Instagram. 


Musée du Louvre

The Musée du Louvre is the home of the iconic Mona Lisa. But it’s also one of the largest cultural institutions to satisfy your love for art.

The museum’s pieces are historic and may not be every modern art lover’s cup of tea. But that doesn’t stop you from revelling in its incredibly beautiful Instagram feed. 

??Ce jeune homme vivant, souriant malicieusement, vous souhaite une #BonneSemaine à l’approche des fêtes de fin d'année ! Le tableau, intitulé ‘Le Bouffon au luth’, a été peint par Frans Hals entre 1624 et 1626 et est une allusion au monde du théâtre. Il ne s'agit pas ici d'un portrait à proprement parler car l'identité du personnage reste incertaine : serait-ce une possible allégorie de l’ouïe ou de la vanité de la musique ? ? – ?This lively jester, mischievously smiling hopes you have a #GoodWeek in the run up to the festive season! The painting, entitled ‘The Lute Jester’ was painted by Frans Hals between 1624 and 1626 and is an allusion to theatre. Strictly speaking it isn’t a proper portrait because his identity remains uncertain. But perhaps it is an allegory of hearing or of vanity? – ?© 2005 RMN / Franck Raux #Louvre #MuseeDuLouvre #LouvreMuseum #instaLouvre #InstaMuseum #FransHals #lute

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Andy Dixon

You might not know it, but you need to get lost in the stunning universe of Andy Dixon. His exotic use of pinks and turquoises sets his artwork apart from the rest.

Andy Dixon is also a great musician. He is the founder of the North Vancouver band.


Michael Kagan

Michael Kagan’s art pieces are not just paintings. They are created by a unique manner by layering the paint on top of each other until every brush stroke is visible.

This technique creates wonderfully 3-dimensional images, which allows the artist to live in a stunning space of his own.

Fascinated by the outer space, Michael creates images that portray the vast and mysterious outer world – in Kagan’s view.


David Shrigley

David Shrigley is a British visual artist best known for his very distinctive drawing style. He revels in small interesting conversations and humorous pieces that he overheard.

Most of his work are satirical, child-like comments on everyday situations and human interactions. 

Luckily, it seems the humour and the wit is not lost on us here at Cultbizztech!


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This famous street artist has an entirely different approach to art. He is known internationally for making political statements through his art, and he regularly uploads his artwork on his Instagram feed.

And the best thing about it? It is very inspiring to see an artist with this kind of voice – even on Instagram!

Dover, England.

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