8 YouTube Channels That Will Make You Smarter


There is a great deal of valuable information available on YouTube these days. After all, nearly everyone can get themselves a YouTube channel and put any information they want out there. But how can you tell what is good and valid information and what is just fluff?

Some YouTube channels exist to provide helpful, useful and even educational information, while others just exist to be entertaining. Still, others are out there spreading untrue information. With that being said, it can be hard for the average internet user to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, and find the true gems on YouTube.

But do not fear, trusted readers. It is possible to find the true gems among all the millions of videos out there. And some of them will completely blow your mind!

For any subject you can think of, there is so much information out there to be had. You can get an entire education by just perusing videos and doing your own research. That is if you know where to look.

Some of the channels on this list will give you a wonderful place to start. And, who knows, some will even make you smarter!



Love science? Have a(n) (un)healthy obsession with experimentation and learning about all things in the realm of the scientific? Then this is an amazing channel for you to check out. Including subjects as obscure as how to make your own glowsticks (and who doesn’t love glowsticks, am I right?), and even teaching about how glowsticks work, to putting your hand in liquid nitrogen. And please, don’t try the liquid nitrogen thing at home. It really will not end well.

There is also just some seriously cool and mind-blowing science stuff here. They even tell you where to get the materials used so you can repeat the experiments at home, which is just awesome. That is if you have the courage. Just please, use caution. And if you are a kid, make sure to have adult supervision and permission, of course.



A whole new twist on life hacks. Taras Kulakov hosts this channel. Kulakov is a USSR born former Ukrainian Olympic swimmer who’s motto is that safety is the number one priority. 

Kulakov now resides in North Carolina and shares tons of life hacks and tests out some pretty cool new gadgets.

Some highlights from the channel have been boiling Coke, testing out military food (MREs, anyone?), and even dumping a whole load of dry ice into a swimming pool. Like experiments that end with a safe and happy ending? Check this one out.


Amazing Space

Are you interested in what happens beyond Earth’s atmosphere? Then you definitely want to check this channel out. Featuring live streams of things like the International Space Station, high res videos of the Earth and the sun, and a whole ton of time-lapse videos, this will broaden your horizons, no pun intended.

Sources include NASA, the European Space Agency, and other exclusive sources.


The School of Life

Probably one of the best channels you will find on any list. This channel features a real-life school for adults that addresses topics that many others just do not. It’s the topics that many parents and schools neglect to touch on, such as philosophy, art, literature, and psychotherapy. Topics have included relationships, self, capitalism and pop culture. 

There are two different ways to ingest the content, by watching individual topics of interest, or you can also view a curated curriculum of sorts to “graduate” from the school as a fully educated adult person.


People Are Awesome

Ever felt there is too much emphasis on the famous people and that ordinary people who do cool and awesome things get overlooked too much? Well, then this is the channel for you.

This channel celebrates the achievements of ordinary people. After all, ordinary people do awesome and extraordinary things every single day and they deserve recognition too, don’t they?



Featuring lists of fun facts about really interesting topics. Topics have included everything from things that science has not been able to explain, to a list of things that are dirtier than your toilet. There are playlists that focus on interesting and unusual people, television and movies, and creatures and animals. 



These videos all contain some element of the truth. Host Derek Muller answers questions about all things and explores interesting subject matter through the eyes of a scientist of sorts.

Have you ever wondered why a chameleon changes colors? What about whether cell phones can cause brain tumors? Or how about the whole welding in space thing? How is that possible?

Well, check out this channel and you will be able to find the answers.



Intended to make people think about a myriad of topics, TEDTalks features speakers on topical subjects to get your mind moving. They are designed to provoke and to make you think differently on topical subjects and things that are on people’s minds.

Everything from health to current events to education has been featured. It’s definitely worth your time and there is no doubt that you will find something that will catch your attention and make you stop and listen.


Whether you are young or old, a student, an educator, a lifelong learner or just looking for something to pass the time, chances are something on this list is going to interest you. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more out there. Though it can be hard to tell sometimes whether the channel is useful or helpful or not, with a little digging, you can find some really useful information. It is definitely worth the effort.

Maybe some of your favorites did not make the list. Maybe you discovered some other new favorites. Be sure to check some of these out and see what you can discover.


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  1. Check out CrashCourse on youtube. It really helps explaining a wide range of subjects. It is a go-to channel for me and my friends when studying for exam! It can help to create a foundation for building up your knowledge, even when studying at the university

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