5 Reasons to Use SMS Marketing in Your Next Campaign


Today’s marketers have a variety of tools to use to reach their target audience, but some are more effective than others. Whether you’re aiming to increase brand awareness, garner support, or optimize conversions, SMS marketing can help you to achieve your goals. To find out why it’s one of the most effective tools out there, take a look at these five reasons to use SMS marketing in your next campaign:

1. Reach Any Demographic

97% of Americans own a cellphone, which means you can reach any demographic via SMS. While emails and apps require a smartphone, tablet, or computer to be effective, SMS messages can be received on any cellphone, which means you’ll have no problems reaching your target audience when you use this form of marketing.

2. High Open Rates

SMS marketing campaigns regularly achieve open rates of 98% or higher, which means that virtually every person to whom you send a message will see its contents. When compared to other forms of marketing, such as 20% for all emails sent, it’s easy to see why SMS marketing can be so much more effective. The use push notifications as a default encourage users to check text messages immediately, unlike any other type of marketing vehicle out there.

3. Sector-Specific Tools

With virtually every American owning a cellphone and almost every SMS being opened, your campaigns can be as broad as you like when you use SMS marketing. However, you can also narrow down your prospects when you sector-specific tools. Political SMS marketing software from Tatango allows you to build campaigns and gain support for causes and candidates, for example. With a range of sector-specific options out there, you can execute marketing strategies based on niche areas, specialist interests, and narrow demographics.

4. Users Want to Receive SMS Content

Creating content in a format that your audience genuinely wants to consume can send your campaigns soaring, and SMS is the preferred option for a significant number of people. A recent survey showed that 46% of consumers preferred receiving brand updates via SMS, compared to 22% via email, 20% via app notifications and just 8% by direct mail. As the most popular form of communication, SMS marketing gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience in a format that they enjoy.

5. Low Campaign Costs

Whatever tools you choose to use as part of your marketing campaign, it’s vital that they deliver good returns. The relatively low costs associated with SMS software and marketing ensure that it’s a budget-friendly option for all organizations. Furthermore, low costs combined with high open and action rates mean you can achieve impressive results and lucrative ROI.

Planning Your SMS Marketing Campaign

Creating the perfect copy, segmenting recipient lists, and deciding exactly when to send messages can take time, so don’t rush the process. By planning your campaign in detail, you can maximize the impact of your strategy and realize the true potential of SMS marketing.


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