The Best Business Podcasts You Need To Listen To


If you’re a commuter, we can think of no better way to stay on top of all things business than to listen to relevant podcasts. If you’re biking on your way to work, even better. Do both and you can cut down on hours spent reading and exercising.

Those hours you can spend e.g. working more, with your family or friends, or just observing the clouds as they pass by above. Whatever makes most sense to you. 

So, how to get started? Who to listen to? We’ve compiled below list of the best business podcasts out there. Listen in, make it a daily habit, and get ready for a career boost (or something somewhat like that).

NB: In editing we realised there’s only men on the list. We are gender neutral here at Cultbizztech, so please don’t read anything into it.


Innovation ecosystem – with Mark Bidwell

The first podcast on our list covers general topics that include innovation, things that change the world, facts about leadership and so on. These are the kind of topics that any business would benefit from. Mark Bidwell, the host, is a thought leader in his own right, and a great interviewer. The podcast has a conversational feel, and the content is always relevant.


Smart Passive Income – with Pat Flynn


This podcast covers how you can create multiple passive income streams so you get the freedom to do what you love. Sound too good to be true? Not necessarily. There are so many “secret” online business income sources and killer marketing tips and tricks that you most likely never heard about.


Mixergy – with Andrew Warner

This podcast features successful entrepreneurs. Andrew Warner digs into the content matter and unravels all the secrets of entrepreneurship. The success, the failures, hopes, risks, dreams and so on. It’s one of those podcasts where you feel an urge to take notes because there are simply so many useful tips and insights.


Outside In – with Charles Trevail


If you are more into strategies and planning, the Outside In podcast is probably better suited for you. It features customer-centric brands and helps unravel the strategies and philosophies behind some huge names of the industry. Charles Trevail asks renowned businessmen about their real-life experiences, and it’s often both interesting and entertaining to listen to how they’ve managed different situations.


The Action Catalyst – with Rory Vaden


The Action Catalyst podcast provides valuable insights into business action and management. The different interviews cover stories from personal productivity to vital steps in business evaluation. Listening to this podcast can help set things into perspective and modify your course of action for the better. Rory Vaden is yet another great host and is fun to listen to. With him, almost everything becomes interesting.


Leaders In Trenches – with Gene Hammett


This podcast is extremely informational and delivers accurate tips, tricks and step ladders for people searching for authority and influential skills. Gene himself is a skilful interviewer who goes deep. No one can get away with a bluff as he uncovers the story via precise questions. It’s both very informative and very entertaining to listen to.


The Tony Robbins Podcast


Tony Robbins hosts his podcast to share the successful life stories of different businessmen. He is a true motivation. If you are down or gloomy, this podcast can serve as a major boost and make you try again and again. The combination of business expertise and motivation makes for a great listen.


And that’s it for now. Anyone you feel is missing (maybe a woman) on this list of the best business podcasts, please leave a comment. We will review and possible add to the list.


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