How to Prevent Website Downtime


A website downtime is frustrating for both a visitor and webmaster. Yet, a downtime does not always equal a problem with your website – and it is preventable. We are therefore providing some handy advice to help you prevent a website downtime.

Server Maintenance

It is possible that a website has been deliberately taken offline. This isn’t often due to malicious intent, but may happen if a web host needs to update their server software.

Unfortunately, this can sometimes result in a disruption in service. Fortunately, many web hosts schedule a server maintenance during non-peak traffic hours to minimize disruption to your website or business.

An Overloaded Server

A traffic surge can also be the cause of a website down, and the likelihood of this happening will depend on your hosting package. For instance, a cheap hosting package may not be equipped to manage a significant volume of traffic.

The website downtime can also be caused if you are on a shared hosting plan, as other sites on the server may be experiencing a traffic surge that can impact your hosting service. This is often referred to as the bad neighbor effect, which many web hosts try to prevent happening.

If this is a concern, we recommend changing your hosting service. Visit Certa Hosting to discover the best hosting package for your website.

A Website Attack

Unfortunately, there are malicious hackers out there who are intent on bringing innocent websites down. A DDoS attack can unfortunately occur if a hacker directs a flood of web traffic to your website, with the goal of bringing it down. It is therefore vital to set-up security protocols in the backend of your website.

A failure to do so will leave an open door for attackers to take your website offline.

A Coding Mistake

It is not only a hacker or a hosting service that can result in a website downtime. A small technical error can both break your site and take it offline. All it might take to break a website is a missing line of code in WordPress.

Should you receive an error flag that is not associated with your server, it is possible the mistake could be due to a plugin or web theme conflict.

A Free Hosting Plan

Many people are often tempted to use free hosting to eliminate their overheads. However, a low-quality host could result in significant downtime to your website. Web downtimes are rather common with free hosting services, as they are not capable of handling a large amount of traffic.

So, avoid frustration for both you and your visitors by investing in an affordable hosting service.


As you can see, there are many reasons why a website can experience a downtime. You must therefore strive to avoid a downtime as much as possible by investing in the best hosting service to power your website, eliminating coding errors from your website and adding the security protocols to protect your site from an attack.


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