4 Steps to Creating a Killer Podcast


In 2017, 112 million Americans listened to podcasts, a number that accounts for 40% of Americans over the age of 12. This large and still-growing listener base means that aspiring content creators can enter the world of podcasting with confidence that their voice has a place.

The question is not “can I create a podcast?” but “how do I create a successful podcast?” The obstacles, then, are knowing where to start and identifying the keys to creating a truly killer podcast.

Here’s our top four practices to create a killer podcast.

1. Preparation

Proper preparation is vital before embarking on any endeavor. This holds true with podcasting, as ensuring that you have a direction before jumping in front of a microphone will benefit you in multiple ways.

Scheduling when you will record and when you will air each installation of your podcast is a must. Consistency in this area will help keep you on course and provide your listeners with a predictable release schedule to look forward to.

This organization should carry over to the individual podcasts as well. Structuring your podcasts in a way that is easy to follow from start to finish will help your listeners as they follow your concepts from their introduction to conclusion.

A word to remember when approaching both scheduling and structuring is “cohesion.” Your theme, tone, and content should be cohesive from the opening minutes of your podcast to the closing statements.

2. Passion

While much of the work on your podcast will happen behind the scenes, it is important to remember that you are placing yourself in the public eye. This means that you are, in essence, a performer. In order to attract an audience, you must embrace your role as an entertainer and informer. This means playing to both your listener and your strengths.

What makes you different? What knowledge of your subject do you have that is interesting or unique? Your listeners can sense the passion you have for your content, so do not hesitate to show how invested you are.

Remember, if you are passionate about the content of your podcast, it will be fun for both you and your listener.

3. Image

The image of your podcast is primarily important in attracting new listeners but can also help you retain the audience you have. Again, consistency is key. Your image should be cohesive and compliment your themes and content. This can be done in several ways, from music to visual presentation on the platform you use.

One effective method is to create a catchy slogan for your podcast. Utilizing a slogan within each episode will contribute to a feeling of unity among them and make your podcast more memorable to listeners.

That being said, remember: image matters, but content is king.

4. Quality

Because content is the most vital element of your podcast, it is important that the content be quality. This means you imbue each podcast with passion and preparation, but also that you ensure the presentation is high quality. What you say is most important, but how you say it is what makes it powerful and memorable.

Make sure you are properly prepared and knowledgeable before you record. When you do record your podcast, use a decent microphone. This does not mean you need to spend thousands of dollars on recording equipment, only that you shouldn’t use your phone or a low-quality headset to record your podcast.

The quality should add to your killer podcast, not kill it. When editing your podcast, remember that music and sound elements can enhance your podcast, but if misplaced or overdone, can distract the listener.


The inspiration to create a killer podcast is something you already have; these steps are simply a guide to help you translate that inspiration into a presentable product.

Adding your voice to the thousands already podcasting can be an intimidating thing, but with the proper preparation, passion, image, and quality, your podcast will not only find a place to exist, but to thrive.


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