7 Political Cartoonists You Should Follow on Twitter


Twitter can be a lot of fun especially if you know who all to follow. With 330 million monthly active users, it is the second most popular social media platform out there that houses all kinds of talents, including political cartoonists.

If you enjoy politics or illustrations, you should definitely follow the following cartoonists on Twitter.

Note: We only included active accounts.


1. Ben Garrison

Garrison is undoubtedly one of the most famous cartoonists on Twitter with a following of 120K. Not currently affiliated with any publication, he works as a freelancer and offers his work through his own site.

In his own words he “draws politically incorrect cartoons the mainstream media won’t run.

He is quite active on Twitter and also interacts with his followers by retweeting and replying to their tweets.

He’s famous for giving latest happenings a political touch and is also said to be a supporter of Trump, who many believed he deliberately seems to draw better than others. So why not have a look at some of his work and judge for yourself?


2. Antonio F. Branco

Branco is known for having a conservative point of view that he depicts in a funny manner through his work.

His 17.9K followers seem to be quite happy with him as he is active on the social media platform and often retweets political news.

While he has been associated with different publications in the past, he currently sells his work through his website that also offers some cool merchandise.


3. Peter Brookes

With 26.9K followers, Brookes is one of the most loved cartoonists on Twitter. He has contributed to a number of leading publications including The Spectator, New Society. He presently works for The Times.

The British Press Awards has awarded him the Cartoonist of the Year award in 2002, 2007, and then consecutively from 2020-2012. He also got the the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017 at the Cartoon Art Trust Awards.

But this is not all why you should follow him on Twitter. His Twitter handle is quite active where you can see his latest work that mostly consists of political cartoons. He seems to be in love with Trump (who isn’t?) as most of his work revolves around him.


4. Chris Riddell

With 27.5K followers on Twitter, Riddell isn’t far behind in popularity. While he is more popular for being a children’s book illustrator, his political cartoons in The Observer and The Guardian have also won him acclaim.

His Twitter is usually full of his children’s work, but he also often shares his political cartoons.

He is one of the few cartoonists who have created the image of an acute commentator and a fine draughtsman.


5. Dave Brown

Our fifth cartoonist has a following of just 4.2K on Twitter, but don’t let the number fool you. Brown produces content for the Independent in London and is loved for his work.

He is one of the few cartoonists who cover all sorts of international issues and are honest about their feelings. He was under fire in 2003 for drawing a cartoon of the former Israeli PM, Ariel Sharon, as a monster eating Palestinian children.

His cartoons are provoking and force you to think deep about how politics affects everything around us.


6. Rebecca Hendin

Rebecca may not be the most famous political cartoonist out there but she definitely deserves to be. She loves to update her 5.5K followers about her life via Twitter where she does not only share her work but selfies as well.

She is known for her take on American politics and likes to cover the latest news through her cartoons that regularly publish on BuzzFeed.

She is one of the youngest political cartoonists out there and loves to add humor to her creations.


7. Michael Ramirez

Ramirez, who enjoys a following of 8.5K on Twitter, is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner. Despite being only three years old on Twitter, he has accumulated a good amount of content on the platform as he’s one of the most active cartoonists there.

His work usually involves a lot of color as he appears to enjoy bright cartoons. You will not only see his political humor on his Twitter page but also his take on other happenings around the world.


That’s our list of best political cartoonists to follow on Twitter. You can add your favorite to the list by letting us know about your favorite political cartoonist. Comment below.


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