5 Unbelievable Sites that Tourists Still Haven’t Discovered


There are so many beautiful places in the world that one would love to visit. The beautiful spots in every country are commonly the source of much excitement and tourism. Tourists from all over the world frolic into experience these creations of nature for themselves.

However, there are still some undiscovered places that are enchantingly beautiful. Places that have for various reasons managed to avoid the invasion of tourists.

So, without wanting to ruin the tranquility of these places, here are our top 5 most unbelievable sites that are still unknown to the tourism industry.


Shangli, China

The breathtakingly beautiful town lies on the outskirts and away from the paths. Hence, tourists don’t often manage to find this magical world. The life is still made of stone bridges and historic architecture in this stunning piece of land.

Watch the time slow down as you slip into a trance on a journey back in time. Enjoy the beautiful town, buy some local ware at the tiny shops and live the life of the ancient world for a moment. It truly is a memorable experience.


Svalbard, Arctic Ocean


This winter land in the midst of the Arctic Ocean should be a must-see for tourists. It is not far off from Norway and is an incredible expanse of arctic snow and frozen lakes that are unseen at most tourist spots. You can also spot a polar bear down here and get to live through the majestic northern lights as they light up the sky.

Yes, you will need your winter gear for this one, but all the stunning displays of nature and bewitching experiences make this destination one of the best we have come across so far.


Sipalay, Philippines


The stunning waters of this seaside town will have you rushing for its exotic beaches. The island is different in the sense that it has rich, crystal blue waters with dense vegetation that makes it one of the natural pools out there. You can visit the caves or enjoy the sunny paradise beaches along the beautifully scattered islets.

Moreover, the place also offers some fascinating snorkeling spots and has a beautiful reef full of life and undersea color.

Enjoy the beautiful resorts at the place and as it is not yet explored by many tourists, you can enjoy the tranquility of the place all to yourself.


Silfra Fissure, Iceland


This beautiful expanse of nature is located in the Thingvellir Park in Iceland. It is amazing because of its lush blue waters that offer immense visibility. You can see up to 300 meters in these crystal clear waters.

The place is a great spot for diving as it allows you to relish in that sense of depth and enjoy the stunning underwater rock formations.

If you are up for an adventure, this is one of the best places to truly explore.


Popeye Village, Malta


This sounds like a fun place just by the name. The beautiful town is incredibly colourful and is a sight to see even from afar. It has adorable little wooden houses that were actually built for the Popeye musical.

Now, it is actually a resort and an amusement park where you can enjoy the beautiful views and some incredible cruises. You may find the little houses truly unique, all stocked with some even having furniture and decorations from the original film in the 1980s!


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