10 Gadgets To Watch Out For In 2018


Because of the ever changing pace of technology, new gadgets and modern software tend to pop up on a regular basis every year. At a certain point, one can’t help but wonder what the next big tech gadget fad will be.

So – in an attempt to answer that question – below you find what we think are the most promising gadgets and tech concepts that will make it big in 2018 and the following years.


1. Virtual Assistance


Virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Home and Amazon Echo are predicted to make a splash this year.

When it comes to gadgetry, Virtual Assistance is in a rapid development right now. Smart homes will become even smarter by upping the common household security measures with ease. Virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Home and Amazon Echo are predicted to make a splash this year.

With these gadgets, it will be even easier for homeowners to control the mechanisms of their own property remotely.


2. Video Doorbells and AI Role Expansion for Security


Mobile control and video doorbells are taking home security to a new level.

This year, it is also predicted that artificial intelligence would indeed become more prominent in terms of determining the threats in security. This holds true especially in the face of ever improving ransomware and other viral attacks via the web that may end up sucking a homeowner’s funds dry.

Right now, video doorbells are slowly becoming available in the market. These gadgets will allow the homeowner to see who is at the gate without even having to go out. This year, there will be many other improvements in already existing devices.

Mobile control will be much greater because various application algorithms have already been developed to further improve and increase remote usage and surveillance outside the home.


3. The Return of Wearable Gadgets


Thought wearables were just a fad? Think again.

Gadgets such as fitness trackers and even pacemakers are predicted to have improvements this year. In the same vein, even more wearable gadgets are under development. For example, major companies have invested in devices that can measure air quality without much difficulty.

Other gadgets can also measure blood alcohol levels easily without having to go to the hospital for tests. These amazing innovations and more are said to be nearing completion and availability in the next few months.


4. New and Improved Laptop Batteries


We expect to see big improvements in laptop battery performance.

We also expect to see major improvements in terms of laptop battery power and longevity in the year 2018. With each generation of laptops, the battery life already has been extended significantly. According to some experts, it is just a matter of time before one can use a laptop for a whole day without having to charge it.


5. Advancements in Digital Printing Technology (3D)


After a slow 2017, we expect 3D printing to leap forward with new developments in 2018.

3D printing as a technology is also predicted to have several improvements this year. Though the developments in 2017 were not ground breaking, continued development is still occurring at a steady pace.

This year, manufactorers will expand the different types of materials that can be used to work with 3D printers. Furthermore, these machines will also be redesigned to work even longer than before and to accommodate even more materials in one printing.


6. Virtual Reality Gaming Becoming the Norm


Virtual reality headsets are making their mark. The Oculus Rift headgear is just the beginning.

In terms of gaming and other related uses, virtual reality headsets have been slowly making its way in the market. This year, particular tools such as the Oculus Rift headgear and other similar gadgets will definitely become even more popular than before, especially among gamers.

Of course, the Oculus Rift is just the beginning. There will surely be other similar gadgets that can come into the market this year and beyond.

7. Data Sharing and Continued Automation for Homeowners


2018 might well be the year where you experience a smart kitchen for the first time.

With the advent of Smart Homes, sharing the preferences of homeowners with various business entities via automated technology will improve even more. In 2018 and the coming years, having an artificially intelligent refrigerator that can order one’s favourite meal or the house automatically adjusting the temperature upon the homeowner’s arrival can be expected.


8. Even More Web Connectivity


Web connectivity is growing. Unfortunately, so is intellectual property theft.

Gadget and data integration via the Internet could become even more prevalent in 2018. Because of this, everyone from the simple homeowner to the modern business executive will be able to communicate with much more ease than ever before.

One downside to this will be the eventual and complete lack of privacy because of open ended data sharing capabilities through modern gadgets. People have to be more vigilant when it comes to protecting their personal data in order to prevent even more cases of intellectual property theft in the coming years.


9. A Peek into Augmented Reality


The lines between what’s real and what’s not are getting even more blurred.

Last year, prototype gadgets that can essentially mix the human and virtual world have already been introduced. From virtual reality visors, to 3D Smartphones and other related machinery, people have been slowly discovering how it is to integrate both the virtual and real world seamlessly.

This year, experts are steadily improving the already present technology to accommodate realistic augmentation. If this happens, the lines between what is virtual and real could definitely be blurred even more in the end.


10. Even Better Appliances


Smart TV’s are getting even smarter.

Advances in energy conservation and appliance improvement will also be seen in 2018. With the introduction of artificial intelligence and various applications that can allow people to control several appliances remotely, it is not impossible to think that these new pieces of technology can further improve the efficiency in performance of the various gadgets at home.

From automated television sets to motion sensitive doors at home, these improvements can and will change the lives of homeowners in the years to come.

Furthermore, along with improvements in technology, measures are already being taken to ensure that these improvements will not affect the environment.


With these various gadgets slowly becoming available in the market, the fear that technology and Artificial Intelligence will take over the lives of modern humans completely will also grow.

But, in our best judgement, that is simply down to the good old fear of the unknown.

We need to remember that is radically different from humans insofar that it has no emotions, no desire, no will. Technology is here to enable and support us, not to take over the world.

If used wisely, technology is an important part of the solution to solve the big challenges facing us in the 21st century, i.e. climate change, inequality and rising distrust in societies.


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